The Babadook Film Review – When Parental Horrors Come Alive

Video Credit: Horror Addict, Youtube.

If it’s in a word, or it’s in a look
You can’t get rid of the Babadook

The Babadook is about a mysterious pop-up book that comes into a household of a widow named Amelia (Essie Davis) and her child Samuel (Noah Wiseman)...

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Love, Death, and Evil in Dark Comedy Film, Horns

What would you do if you wake up one morning with the devil’s horns on your forehead?

Daniel Radcliffe, Horns

This won’t be the first time Daniel Radcliffe has something unusual on his forehead.

Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) and Merrin Williams (Juno Temple) has been in love since they were kids. After a rather public breakup, Merrin gets brutally raped and murdered with Ig as the only suspect...

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Barakamon: A Breath of Fresh Countryside Air

Sunset WEB

Airing alongside more action-oriented anime such as SAO 2, Aldnoah Zero, and Akame ga Kill among others, Barakamon is an easy anime to overlook. Add that to the fact that it’s categorized under “Slice of Life” and it’s something I wouldn’t normally watch. Cue Naru. Naru is only one of the endearing characters you’ll find in Barakamon. She’s also easily the cutest...

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Gauntlet Reboot: A Classic Reborn for Modern Times

Gauntlet Reboot

Hnnngh, nostalgic! Gauntlet Reboot. Photo Credit: Steam.

I used to frequent arcades a lot, playing those hack-and-slash games. With games being easier to obtain in households, cooperative hack-and-slash games almost dwindled to none. Imagine my surprise when I heard about the Gauntlet reboot...

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Delving into Childhood Terrors – Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep release trailer.  GameSpot

Survival horror developers just LOVE making players feel more and more vulnerable. New generation horror games like Amnesia and Outlast made players completely helpless when it took their ability to fight back against whatever nightmarish creature was chasing them...

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Themer: Android Homescreen Customizing Made Easy!

I love fiddling with my rooted Android phone. I am a bit more technologically-inclined than your usual casual smartphone user but I never really had the time to do customizations that significantly changes my phone’s appearance from vanilla default.

Nova Launcher

My old homescreen, courtesy of Nova Launcher.

Android screen customization is nothing new, but it usually required more patience and resourcefulness ...

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Log Horizon: A Must-Watch for Gaming Geeks

Log Horizon

Log Horizon cover. Photo Credit: Crunchyroll

While not the first to explore the stuck-in-an-MMORPG setting, Log Horizon is original in its clever deconstruction of your average tabletop MMORPG. It takes the premise of players suddenly getting sucked into the game world — with its own inherent structure and laws — and takes it apart as it weaves magic and fantasy elements back in...

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Top Reasons Why People Should Watch Orphan Black

Welcome to the Clone Club. Video Credit: © BBC AMERICA

Sarah Manning, an English orphan, witnesses a woman who looks exactly like her jump in the path of a moving train. Shocked but with a plan in mind, she takes the woman’s identity and soon gets entangled in a conspiracy that runs deeper than she could ever imagine.

From the synopsis alone, it is not hard to imagine how people got into Orphan ...

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